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Camella Homes is committed to enhancing the quality of lives for the Filipino families that live in their master-planned communities. Hence, they made sure to incorporate as many facilities and amenities as possible to improve the quality of their lifestyle within the community. It all begins with the themed community that is evident in the architectural design of the homes and the facilities. You feel like you have been transported to the Mediterranean the moment you walk into this community.

The entrance gate with the Camella sign is what will greet you when you walk into the subdivision. This entrance gate is beautifully designed, just like the model houses in this subdivision. The entrance gate will have a security guard to ensure that only the authorized personnel can enter the subdivision premises. There are also roving security guards to keep the entire community safe and secure. The entire community also has concrete roads and gutters. There is also an underground drainage system that is built within the entire community; this will help to ensure that the roads will remain flood-free even with a heavy downpour. 

The clubhouse is one of the main facilities available at Camella Cerritos Gensan. It is the main feature of the central amenity area of the subdivision. Like the model houses, this amenity also features a grandiose Mediterranean-inspired theme. This clubhouse is suitable for special events and social gatherings within the community or private affairs. There are also lounge areas within the clubhouse that you can use if you want to relax and spend your idle time in the area. This facility is available for use by the residents of the subdivision.

In addition to the clubhouse, there are also several parks within Camella Cerritos Gensan. These pocket parks add a sense of nature to the entire community by introducing lush landscapes. It will also enable you to live in a relaxing environment wherein you can truly unwind by the end of a tiring day at work or school. The clubhouse is also located next to a swimming pool, which is another major amenity in this subdivision. This is a great spot to unwind in and practice a few laps during weekend. You can also bring your entire family to the pool area as there are lounge areas. You do not need to go to a nearby resort in order to relax because the pool and many other recreational facilities are available for you to use.

The outdoor basketball court is also an important facility at Camella Cerritos Gensan. This full sized court is ideal for your favorite sporting activities. It is a great way to pursue an active lifestyle if you want to have fun and stay active at the same time. You can also find a playground area for the children right next to the clubhouse. The playground area consists of play equipment that will enable your child to have fun and also socialize with other kids in the neighborhood. At the same time, there are plenty of open spaces that they can use however they want.

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